My Practice


“To live is to be slowly born” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I am a  practitioner of somatic therapies and am currently based in Madrid, Spain.

As well as workshops for exploring early life experiences, I offer 3 types of sessions:

In pre and perinatal sessions, as well as using craniosacral therapy, I draw on my training in pre and perinatal therapy, and sensorimotor therapy, to support children and parents to strengthen and enjoy their unique connection.

Implicit Movement sessions offer an opportunity to weave movement into the process of creating greater wellbeing. These sessions explore the body’s deep knowing of how to integrate and express experiences, and how to come into a more balanced and creative state. Should more challenging material emerge, sessions are intended to provide a safe space to integrate imprints from both early and traumatic experiences. To best support clients I combine skills from all my training in these sessions.

In  biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions, the therapeutic model I use is a holistic and non-invasive form of manual therapy. It offers a gentle way to explore internal states and psycho-fisiologigal patterns that may be held in the body. Sessions are intended to enhance each person’s capacity for self-regulation and healing. As a result, one may gain access to a more fluid and flexible state of mind and body.


The focus of any session with me is not to diagnose specific health issues, but to enhance and support each person’s potential for self-healing, self-discovery and connection.

People who most benefit from sessions with me include those who are experiencing any of the following:

  • an interest in holistic approaches to healing
  • curiosity about cultivating inner resources
  • engaged in or wanting to be engaged in a process of self-discovery
  • wanting to address the effects of unresolved trauma imprints
  • looking for support with a healing process
  • wanting to feel more connected to your body, your life, and the bigger world.
  • curiosity about possible birth-related imprints
  • looking for ways to feel more connected with your children
  • looking for support in bonding with your baby

For people experiencing serious psychological challenges it is important that a licensed mental health practitioner be consulted before having a session with me.