Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Basic Tenets:

  • Vitalism. There is a life force that moves through everything.
  • The human body’s healing capacity is animated by this force.
  • In the human body this force is palpable as subtle movement.
  • Where there is pathology, injury etc. this subtle movement is altered.

We are full of life. Life expresses itself in movement. Our bodies are a continuum of movement. From the smallest pulsings of our cells, and contractions of our vital organs, to the fullest expansion of our lungs and limbs, we move with life. A craniosacral practitioner views this movement in terms of a life force, sometimes called the “Breath of Life”.

This life force, or Breath of Life, moves through everything, including us. It is palpable in our bodies as subtle movements of expansion and contraction that travel through all the tissues. A biodynamic craniosacral therapist is trained to perceive these subtle movements and support the body where the movement has become restricted.

One of the main benefits of craniosacral therapy is an enhanced capacity for self-regulation. Typically, a client will be gently supported to bring slowed-down awareness to their body. This gives the central nervous system a chance to, quite literally, catch its breath. With this kind of consciously-supported self-regulation our bodies have much greater access to their own resources for healing.

The experience of receiving the supportive touch described here can also lead to surprising shifts in self-perception and psycho-physiological states, that in turn affect how our body organizes itself.

Some of the benefits of CST include:

  • Increased resiliency and balance, both in body and in mind
  • Increased awareness of the body’s cues
  • The softening of constrictive bracing patterns in the body
  • Reduction of the intensity and frequency of chronic pain